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358 Update – 11/10/2019

By November 10, 2019Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

Saturday, November 2, proved to be a productive day on 358.  With a couple new members on site to help with things, we made some headway on steel work.  Joseph and Tim worked on a piece of treadway was fitted and welded to the top of the box in front of the engineer’s window.

Brandon and Joseph were asked to assist Rich on the boxcar project with some long metal tensioning rods.  That kept them busy on and off throughout the day.  They did get the one piece on the engineer side front box welded on.  This piece was loosely bolted on and really no reason for it not to be welded.
I finished with the installation of the battery charger in the electrical cabinet.  Need to source some properly sized cable lugs to fit on the posts in the cabinet.  Otherwise, the alligator clamps will suffice for now.  Haven’t decided on whether or not I’ll run 110VAC circuit to the sill for ease of connection for the battery charger or not.  May wait to see what we do with a block heater, if installed eventually.
Carson arrived about noon time and went to work on the FM side treadplate, he has it completely fitted and ready to weld down.  However, we decided that it needs a coat of POR-15 along the frame and cross members.  That’ll have to wait until we get back inside after the first of the year.  Carson did get the back porch area fixed, there was a section of treadplate that was rust jacked and cracked open.  After much heat and beat treatment, assisted by Brandon they were able to get the area prepped for new treadplate.  Carson fitted the new piece and fired up the BIG welder, and did a fine job of welding in the new piece.   We had Tim, Joseph, and myself on fire watch since we were working in close proximity of the Wabash caboose.  Most splatter fell straight down with very little worry.  However we did wet down the flangeways when all done just to be sure.  Plus did a very thorough inspection of the caboose when all complete.
The next few weeks not much will happen with the membership annual meeting next week.  We’ll be outside until the first of the year.  So if anything goes on, it maybe cutting welds on the engineer side long hood treadplate that will be replaced next.

Carson welds on new diamond foot plate