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Project Updates – 10/24/2019

By November 24, 2019Members Only

Submitted by DJ DePanicis

Wabash Caboose
Steve and Rich have been busy installing much of the steel hardware such as frame bolts and tension rods on the South side of the car. Some issues came up but seemed to be resolved. In talking with Steve, we think 5-6 rods on each side will be sufficient. For those of you not at the dinner, a sample rafter has been made and rough fit into the car, with the others arriving this weekend. Steve and I also made a trip to buy bead board for the interior. We bought enough to complete one side with maybe a little extra.
With the upcoming holiday I have some time off from school and plan to be at the shop on Wed. Nov. 27, Mon. Dec. 2nd. And Possibly Sat. Nov. 30. We are still advancing to a state championship in football so the Saturday availability will depend on a victory tonight. As the weekend progresses I will keep you posted.
My plans on those work days are to keep progressing on the installation of the tension rods, plane the rafters to size and install (rough fit), remove old rotted interior siding to prep for installation of the new, and finish any south wall framework still needing installed. I know this is over the holidays, but I just wanted to extend the invitation to you all.
Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!! May it be full of good food, family and friends!!

David DJ DePanicis