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765 Update – 11/13/2019

By November 13, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


Last week was a slow one for the 765.  Friday Rich Wolfgang came out and worked on the Wabash caboose.  Jim Donahue worked on cleaning up the ash in the ash pit and Tim worked on the tender sump screens on Saturday while D. J. and I looked over the Wabash Caboose on Saturday and went on a purchasing trip. After being up late on Saturday at the annual meeting I found time to put in some bolts in to hold the Wabash Caboose car body to the frame.  Monday Carl and I spent some time and completed most of the outside UT work on the “534” other than under the dome cover. Still to do the firebox and the dome.



Time is moving on and I still hope to spend time cleaning out the firebox next weekend and possibly through the week  Not sure if the weather will cooperate or not.  Rich probably will do more work on the Wabash Caboose and no doubt could use some help. There may be other happenings as well which I have not been informed of. 



Driving requires all the care and caution possible any time of year. But winter driving, which is arriving early this year, has even greater challenges because of wet and icy road surfaces, longer hours of darkness and poor visibility because of snow, rain and fog.

Here are some tips which will make your winter driving safer….

  • ·                Allow enough time to get to your destination. Rushing in difficult driving conditions can lead to an accident. Turn your radio on to listen to the road report and weather forecast. Leave a few minutes earlier in the morning and allow plenty of time to get to work. Buckle up your seat belt or safety restraint before you start driving.
  • ·                Stay alert. Don’t drive when you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or certain medications. Read the labels of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines to determine if they can cause drowsiness. Driving demands your full attention
  • ·                Stay calm. Sometimes other drivers will become frustrated with slow-moving traffic. Keep your temper and don’t let other drivers aggravate you. Maintain a safe speed and drive defensively.
  • ·                Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles. The “two second rule” works well on dry roads and in ideal conditions, but in winter you should extend it to four seconds. Watch the vehicle directly ahead of you. As it passes a stationary object start counting – “one thousand and one”, “one thousand and two”, and so on. Your vehicle should not pass the same object until you say the word “four.”
  • ·                Keep your car well-maintained and in good working order. This includes having good tread on your tires, the engine tuned-up for winter, and all lights functioning properly. In colder climates, you may need to add anti-freeze to the radiator. In some areas, gasoline antifreeze may be required.
  • ·                Clean your windows and headlights frequently. Keep your windshield washer fluid topped up. Good visibility is essential to safe driving. Clean your windows and headlights of ice or snow before starting out and repeat frequently throughout your trip.

Just a point to remember….not all drivers follow these tips and, especially during the onset of winter road conditions, will attempt to drive as if the clean and dry. Defensive driving is a must.