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358 Update – 10/30/2019

By October 30, 2019Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

Looks like Saturday November 2, is shaping up to be a good work day as many have stated they would be out to work on the locomotive.   Carson and I will make sure to get the locomotive moved in to the shop either Friday or before, pending other activities at the shop.
List of things that will be worked on:
  • FM side Cab – finish filling in welds and grind / Brandon
  • FM side rear walkway – finish fitting and seating, weld into place / Carson
  • Remove three 1325/24 cut cables from Gen Pos buss (Engr side) and save for possible re-use
  • Remove six 1325/24 motor cables from FM side of reverser that run under the front truck blower air duct and save for possible re-use
  • Fix the blown out horn pipe just above the rear electrical cabinet
  • Finish up the Battery Charger installation / W.D.
This list should get enough people working on various areas of the locomotive and really not interfere with each other. If more show up, we’ll find something for them to do.
Plan to start at 9:00AM, we’ll work until at least 5pm, with a lunch break in there sometime about noon’ish.  Stay as long as you can, any and all help is appreciated.
Remember!  You must be a member in good standing (paid up) and have your volunteer form completed.  If you haven’t been to the shop before, or it’s been a while, see me and I’ll show you where to find PPE, and general “house” rules.
Thank you!
WD Miller