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765 Update – 10/9/2019

By October 9, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


This report will cover the last few weeks.  After a rocky start the CVSR trips came off with less trouble than I can remember in the past. Thanks to all who made that possible. The engine ran fine causing no delays, the crew did what was needed and the CVSR folk were as helpful and welcoming as ever.  Initially we had some bearing clearance issues on one of the new trailing truck axles which was resolved in a late-night work session and caused no further problems. On the way out the configuration of a new switch which had let is in was causing the front driver to ride up on the point and threatened to derail it.  We had to wait a day but a minor modification to the switch layout left us out with no further issues.  A late-night run got us back early Thursday.  The engine was shut down Thursday morning and Sarah and I gave it a once over bath to remove the road grimenin the afternoon. We followed by cleaning the rods and drying out and oiling the stoker, On Saturday the crew washed the tender and switched the consist around so that the remaining coal can be removed from the gon.  That car will need to be cleaned and out at the interchange next week. Sunday saw some tools removed from the crew car and oil and other supplies removed from the Auxiliary tank.



Come hell or high water the gon needs to be unloaded and switched back to the interchange track.  Hopefully Jerrad will be able to do that with the crane otherwise will need to organize a coal pitching crew to throw it over the sides. At best we will need some shovel work to clean out the last of the coal.  Additionally, we will have some folks from the NKPHTS out on Friday, the pumpkin train running Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon and more of the usual shut down work to get the 765 ready for the winter. More equipment needs to be removed from the tool car as well so it will be a busy weekend.



Remember the saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?” This is really the case with your hearing. Exposure to loud noise and failure to wear hearing protection can make you lose your hearing before you know it. There are more than one Senior Society Crew Members who have experienced this situation. The cause was not always from high sound levels from Society operations and activities.


This loss occurs so gradually, you may not realize it’s happening. You may not be aware until it’s too late. Physiologically, loud noise severely damages the inner ear. The damaging potential of noise depends on the length of exposure and the sound pressure level.


Although you may have the earplugs in place, are they really “in”? Make sure you’re getting the full protection from your ear plugs by rolling the plug up between your fingers, pulling back your ear and inserting them completely in the ear canal as intended.


Molded ear plugs are an alternative to foam ear plugs. They are more effective than foam plugs since they are molded to your individual, right and left, ear canals. They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and they will lot for several years. The downside is that they are somewhat expensive being $100 + depending from where they are purchased. But ask the question…how much is it worth to preserve your hearing. 

Regardless of which hearing protection system you elect to use the important this is to be sure you wear some type of hearing protection and wear it properly.