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765 Update – 10/23/2019

By October 23, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


It was a somewhat relaxed weekend with several projects receiving attention.  I believe I found and corrected the source of the valve oil leak on the hot water pump.  One of the valve heads had a damaged gasket under it and it appears to be a likely source of the oil.  The gasket was replaced with a new one which should take care of the problem. Austin worked on getting ash down to the ash pan hopper with some success as well as getting the remaining tools out of the tool car. Rich B worked on the boxcar.  He and Rich II were trying to get a tensioning rod installed.  I think they got close.  The Wabash Caboose received some attention as well. Rich II put in a angle brace and installed “L” shaped brackets where needed to hold the structural members in place. We looked at rafters as well and Rich decided to make a sample at home and see how it works.  Joe worked on getting the back door to quit flashing at us. It still winks at us, so more research is being done.  Joe also started work on fixing a flat tire on the one hand truck and other projects. Carson got a piece of running board cut out and we dropped it into place on the 358. 



Next weekend most of the crew will be working on the Autumn Colors Express so the shop is likely to be closed.  I don’t know of any work that is planned for the shop. Work will continue the following weekend in getting the 765 cleaned up and ready for the maintenance season that is upon us.  The firebox needs to be cleaned and the flues blown clear of soot then the front end needs to be cleaned out.  All extremely dirty but entertaining jobs.  Feel free to put in your reservation to assist. 



Safety does not come naturally–it requires you to constantly ask questions and educate yourself in addition to knowing and following all safety rules.


Your attitude and behavior will ultimately determine how safe you and your fellow workers are.

  •          Help with safety training and safety meetings.
  •       Suggest safer work practices and procedures.
  •          Know your role in an emergency.
  •         Take responsibility for housekeeping.
  •          Read the labels on chemical containers.
  •         Think about your back and fellow workers
  •      ALWAYS WEAR YOUR PPE, No Ifs, ANDs or BUTs

Following the required safety rules and requirements may be a pain but not following them will most likely cause you pain or worse.