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765 Update – 10/16/2019

By October 16, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker


First and foremost, we met our obligation to get the NS Gondola emptied of coal and back on the interchange track.  Jerrad was able to spend a bit of time unloading the largest quantity of coal from the gon, while Sarah Eason did most of the heavy hand work Wednesday and Thursday with a timely assist from Carl Lyvers on Friday.  I ran the crane lifting the barrel in and out of the gon and repeatedly dumping it on the coal pile. Friday also saw a tour by the NKPHTS of our shop.  It appeared that they enjoyed looking our NKP equipment over.  From the Society standpoint the big happening was the successful completion of the Pumpkin Train event.  Many happy folks and interesting stories were heard.  The event seems to be growing with minimal inputs so we should be looking for ways to make it bigger and more profitable over the coming years. Additional work was done on getting the 765 cleaned up and ready for winter along with the other activity. 



I intend to continue working on getting the engine shut down.  Sarah and I are on the trail of an oil leak around the hot water pump and several appliances need to be inspected and dried. I hope to be out most days other than Tuesday so feel free to pitch in if you have time. The following weekend is the Autumn Colors Express.  Many of the usual helpers will be working that train and shop time may be limited that weekend.  Also coming up is the Annual Meeting in Lima Ohio.  Reservation sign up is currently active. 



Many, some say most, accidents are caused by the failure to use common sense. 

Here are some commonsense safety rules….

·         Treat safety as the most important part of your job

·         Keep your full attention on what you are doing

·         Know and follow the All safety rules

·         Use the required protective equipment

·         Remind your coworkers about safety procedures and equipment

·         Pay attention during Pre-Job Briefings, safety training programs and meetings

·         Know what to do in case of an emergency

·         Ask questions when you don’t understand

·         Don’t let anger; frustration or personal problems interfere with your work

·         Don’t ignore any safety hazard. At the least question the situation and bring it to Management’s attention.

·         Be aware of your surroundings and any associated hazards that may impact you and your safety as well as the safety of others.

·         Don’t become overconfident with jobs you’ve done many times

·         Don’t use equipment in ways they were not intended

·         Don’t get pressured by others into ignoring safety procedures

·         Don’t take shortcuts on the job

·         Don’t assume safety is someone else’s job 

·         Use common sense. Take action when you observe a hazardous condition. Do not assume someone else will resolve the hazardous situation. 

 A safe environment for members, visitors and contractors will only result when everyone is committed to following the safety rules and taking personal action to resolve any and all hazardous situations. If common sense tells you that a situation is not safe take action to correct that situation. Safety based upon luck doesn’t work and is the most assuredly way to incur an injury or fatality.