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358 Update – 9/29/2019

By September 29, 2019Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

Friday 9/20:  Carson and I took advantage of a quiet shop, and worked on installation of the fireman side rear class light.  Since the access to the rear class lights is so awkward, Carson came up with a design to allow the class lights to swing open for bulb replacement or cleaning.  In the photo below, the class light casting is on the locomotive, but still a bit loose, that’s why it doesn’t look completely level yet.  Just a couple little details to add and it’ll be finished.

Saturday 9/21: Carson Miller and Frank Walko worked on 358 some more.  Carson began work on the engineer side rear class light, and Frank went to work on the fireman side walkway at the rear of the long hood.  In the photo you can see where the rust jacking had really built up.  New tread plate is in house and we’ll get that installed likely next weekend.
I’ll be sending out another email later in the week with planned work and dates.