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765 Update – 9/11/2019

By September 11, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Work continues with getting 765 ready to venture over to CVSR. The engine is 75 years old this month and is in as good a condition as we can make it. It is still able to do what it was designed to do after many miles and hours of operation.  This weekend most of the striping was done to the drivers and running boards.  John figured out what was wrong with  our bulk grease pump and filled the guns and all our  grease cartridges with our preferred running gear grease. The firebox and smoke box were painted, while the right side of the engine was polished from the cab back about halfway down the tender.  Polishing work continues  which with some assistance we may get completed before we leave town. 


On the downside the gon is still a no show and time is getting short. The trackwork equipment is out of the way but the car is still reported in East Wayne Yard somewhere.  Two loads of coal have been delivered to the shop with one more scheduled, so we are hoping the gon arrives at our siding soon otherwise everyone will be required to bring a few buckets with them in their trunk. 



Coming up with a gon to ship coal to CVSR in remains one the biggest sticking point along with some deliveries of supplies which have been delayed due to them being lost in transit or not yet shipped. Hopefully all works out as it should and last weeks deliveries show up this coming week. Water still is needed in the boiler and tools and supplies loaded so that will be the projects for the coming week and weekend. 



Vision is a terrible thing to lose and prevention is easy just by wearing safety glasses.

Hopefully, we all realize how important eye protection and the wearing of safety glasses at the Shop. However, this topic is as important for home as it is here at work.

Whether you are mowing the lawn, using the weed wacker, a chainsaw or pruning sheers to cut back branches on a tree you should always wear your eye protection. Each year thousands of people go to the emergency room with eye injuries while taking care of their lawn and other projects at home.


Every year thousands of people, many of which are children, damage or lose their vision from sports-related eye injuries. However, the good news is that 90 percent of these eye injuries are preventable if appropriate protective eye wear is worn. Encourage everyone, adults and children alike, to wear eye protection while working or playing sports. 


Safety glasses with clear or sun glass lens, with UV A and B blocking are available at sporting goods stores, Home Depot and Menards all at reasonable prices. An advantage of purchasing safety rated glasses is that they are built to ANSI standards and are significantly more durable that common sunglasses.


Vision is a terrible thing to lose and prevention is easy by just wearing safety glasses