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765 Update – 9/4/2019

By September 4, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Labor Day weekend did not see a large crowd of eager workers, but most projects were well along and mostly we have non-critical projects to address yet.  Still it would be nice to see some of you come out.  After CVSR there will be the usual heavy clean-up and preservation work needed for the winter so set aside some time to come out and help. Joe along with Andrew and some other assistants managed to get 6 ammo cans filled with pressed grease. That will easily get us past CVSR but there is a bit more grease to process.  Austin and Andrew filled in some ruts then went to cleaning up the drivers so we can paint them possibly this week.  I replaced some leaking lube lines and Jerrad and I along with Andy loaded coal into the tender.  Today we hope to get the remaining coal pushed out of the way so more can be delivered. The NS Gon was brought to East Wayne.  An attempt was made to deliver it to Casad, but the maintenance folk have the siding plugged with track equipment.  Looks like they have quite a bit of work to do in New Haven so it may be days or weeks before it is out of the way. Apparently, their holiday weekend started on Friday and continues as of this writing as no one has been around the equipment since Thursday. With luck they will be done by the time we want to leave for Cleveland, and we will have a stretch of newly maintained track to travel over. I finished up Sunday cleaning on the left side drivers and hope to continue with the right side today. 



If the gon can reach us, there may be some clean up work needed inside and coal will need to be loaded. Still needed is to fill up the 767 with water and treat it. Fill lubricators and put some coal in the firebox along with a host of other small projects that need to be completed before fire-up.


Note:  I am not sure everyone is aware of the fact the Society does not plan to subsidize rooms for the crew this year.  If you sign up and are on the crew; the lodging will be on you. With a more limited income we are reverting back to our original policy of not providing rooms and spending the savings on maintaining the locomotive. 



·         Those who work the safest way live to see another day. 

·         Safety is a full-time job, don’t make it a part time practice!