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358 Update – 8/25/2019

By August 25, 2019Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

Project 358 has seen a little work just prior to the Open House, biggest thing was getting the batteries hooked up and energizing the locomotive’s low voltage system.  All the lighting circuits work with exception of a couple that have a problem with a resistor for a headlight.   Plus a few bulbs are burned out, so easy fixes.   The highlight though was certainly the operation of the GyraLight on the front of the locomotive!!!  Can’t wait to see it work out on the open road.

Work will continue on some of the final carbody items; walkways on the last quarter of the long hood will be replaced soon, the back “porch” will be repaired, and the corners will see some attention.  Plus, there’s one piece on the engineer’s side cabinet on the short hood to get installed.  The front drop step will get some repairs as well in the near future.

During this work other work will commence on the prime mover, and HV system.  Plus if there’s enough help, work on the cab interior will continue as well.

Open House was successful for Project 358 in donations, we received over $300 in cash donations.  Plus we had a lot of interest and words of encouragement from members and the general public alike.  The Project 358 team will continue to do what we can to get 358 back.