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765 Update – 8/7/2019

By August 7, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Over the weekend we were able to load coal, get three of the four washouts on the throat sheet lapped with the last one close to completion once we replace the seat cutter spring, half to two thirds of the stay bolt tell tales are plugged and Sarah is working on plugging more. One of the water glasses is installed. Sarah was able to repack the main turret valve. We need to test and adjust it once we have some pressure, but I have hopes for the repair.  It was obvious why it was leaking once we got it apart.  Much work remains so if you have the time, we need your help.  One project was finished – there are 40 new light fixtures in the shop making it much brighter than in the past.



We are continuing with the list previously published list.  Main items are finishing the tell-tales, fixing the ash pan, putting in grates, putting up arch brick, finishing the left side water glass, putting packing in the injector, putting up the new air tanks, miscellaneous sand pipe repairs and other fun projects.



Mr. Winicker has advised that the Highway Department has closed Dawkins Rd. (Lincoln Highway) from Webster Rd. down to Ryan Rd through the end of the year and Edgerton Rd. is the alternate route. As is frequently the case when alternate routes are involved the drivers tend to ‘push’ the speed limit. The rural nature of Edgerton Rd. may exacerbate this situation. Add a little bit of ‘distracted’ diving and the result could be dangerous.


Please use extreme caution when entering and especially leaving the Site through the front gate.




Coal is loaded into 765 August 4th, 2019