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765 Update – 8/28/2019

By August 28, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


The engine was put into the shop on Tuesday by Andy and me.  On Wednesday I drained the water from the engine and opened a few washouts to dry the boiler out, tagged a new inspection date on the steam gauge showing that it had been tested and serviced along with all the other gages.  Also completed was some grass mowing and I did other interesting things.  On Thursday more grass was mowed, and the building was cooled down. Sarah assisted me in getting a load of scrap to Omnisource and an empty oxygen tank was returned to Praxaire.  We rolled up the fire hose and gathered another load of tanks for Praxaire delivery. Sarah went under the locomotive and greased all the grease fitting under the guided by my expert direction.  Since the grease was out, we did all the soft grease fittings on either side of the engine as well.  Friday, we took a miscellaneous load of tanks in for replacement then pulled out the locomotive dumped what ash we could from the ashpan.  Time was taken to wash down the locomotive getting rid of ash and dirt from the weekend and after a long day the 765 was pushed back in the building.  Saturday saw the firebox emptied of hanging ash, Joe pressed some grease and other maintenance items were taken care of. Brody, Austin and Zach-2 worked on scraping loose paint of the firebox walls. Sunday Sarah and I worked on a number of issues and hopefully fixed them including tightening the main turret valve packing, tightening the steam line going to the right side generator, plugging the grease fitting to the throttle packing, putting the shield around the pops and removing the test gauge.



Hopefully, Jerrad will be able to do some painting tomorrow. On Friday weather permitting we will load coal and Saturday finish up making grease sticks.  Rearranging the furniture and grass mowing will be needed as well.  May get to painting the firebox walls and smoke box. 



Hand Protection

Hand injuries account for 80 percent of all occupational injuries. This is because the hands are engaged in almost all activities on the job. Can you imagine any occupation that does not make use of the hand? Hands are so important because of their utility. They provide us with the dexterity needed to perform most daily activities. In fact, hands, as tools, are so versatile and can perform many intricate functions more than any single known tool developed by man.

No wonder hands are highly useful on our jobs. There are many dangerous conditions on the job to which the hand is always exposed. Sharp edges, pinch points, protruding objects, splinters, exposed blades on unguarded machinery, heat and cold and many more. These conditions may not always be too obvious to the working person.

Pinch points are basically traps for hands .Doors may pinch your fingers if you get them caught in a jam. Paying attention and being aware helps us to avoid pinch points. Gloves do not protect against pinch points We need to take the proper precautions to avoid being pinched.

Hands are subject to cuts, bruises, burns and poking. Handling sharp objects, hot objects, rough materials and splinters without the necessary hand protection are sure signs of invitation for hand injury. A necessary precaution to take is to wear approved work gloves. Not all gloves protect you from all hand injuries. Check the appropriateness of the glove for the task before using them. Precautions must still be taken to reduce the level of danger before handling dangerous materials such as chemicals.

Lockout machinery and power before reaching into the equipment. Check and clear doorways and aisles and make sure you have proper clearance before you move loads through.

Machines are guarded to avoid accidental exposure of its moving parts to the hands and other parts of the body. Make sure machines are always guarded .

Do not pick up broken glass or spilled machine parts with your bare hands.

Remember your hands are dexterous but not smart. They will obey any commands your brain sends them. You must use your brain. Avoid dangers and protect your hands. You need them as long as you live.