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765 Update – 8/21/2019

By August 21, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Date 8-19-2019


It has been a long three-day weekend with the open house and all the associated activities.  Since most of you were there for at least part of the event I will not go into too much detail.  Thanks to all who took part. I am sending this on Monday to update the results of the 765’s Steam test.  I can now report that everything went very well and we are good to go for another year.  Thanks to Zach, Chuck and Sarah in getting the test complete in record time.



Time to get ready for CVSR.  Only a few weeks to get everything in perfect shape. More than likely we will be getting rid of the old fire and laying a new one.  Several small adjustments to packing, cleaning and polishing.



Mark Twain is reported to have said “It is better to be careful 100 times than to get killed once.” 

Think about how true that is. Being ‘Careful’ is a very simple word but it requires  some specific actions to be taken on each and every job. Those actions include but are not limited to the following….

  • Wearing all required PPE…ALWAYS!
  • Pre-plan the work in order to identify all aspects of the project and then Work your Plan.
  • Starting a task with incomplete instructions. Demand and participate in all Pre-Job Briefings. Ask questions until you understand all aspects of the task at hand.
  • Follow ALL prescribed safety procedures.
  • Maintain a proper level of housekeeping. Poor housekeeping creates all types of hazards and is an indication of Management and the workforce’s attitude toward quality of workmanship and more importantly safety.
  • Avoid mental and hopefully physical distractions. Don’t become a statistic because you took your eyes off the task ‘just for a minute’.


There generally is no question that always being careful is better that getting killed, or injured, once.

What do you think?