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765 Update – 8/14/2019

By August 14, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


I managed to get out Wednesday afternoon late and put together the fireman’s side water glass.  Plan to install it tomorrow as well as do some shopping and scrapping. Thursday Sarah finished cutting the last washout plug seat.  Hoping that removes the leakage issues with these plugs. The remaining washout plugs were removed and hopefully we will get a boiler wash done tomorrow.  We also took time to unload the flat car so ties can be stored on it. Thanks to Sarah and Jim Donohue the boiler was washed on Friday.  A load of ties was unloaded as well and distributed along the track.  Following the wash Jim had to leave for work but Sarah’s energy was not spent yet so she washed the engine while I expertly applied rinse water at critical times.  DJ arrived and did some washing under the running board. The engine was pushed into the building and I being worn out went home around 8. Apparently, Matt Lee arrived and more work on the ash pan ensued, at some point they quit.  Saturday arrived with DJ putting in washout plugs with an assist from Broady, Matt made loud noises under the engine and got the ash pan straightened a bit, then put in grates and arch brick with an assist from Bill Martz. While this was going on Jerrad and Andy hung the new air reservoirs. Sunday some plumbing was replaced the ash pan door operator was put back in  Matt straightened the rear left sand pipe and bracket and put it back on the engine. Since a trip to the pipe store was required for finishing the track washer plumbing and the air system, we spent the rest of the day moving things around outside.  The new ties were removed from the parking lot. Wheel sets for #1 were removed from the caboose exit area, stairs for the 765-observation platform were retrieved from the pallet racks as with our boiler chemicals. Thanks to all who made this weekend a success.  We still have a lot of work over the next few days, but things are beginning to come together.



Next week is the Open House and the last weekend to get ready for the steam test Monday. Provided a few more projects are completed during the week we should be ready to fire the engine Thursday afternoon. The crew schedule is up there may be room for some additional volunteers if you come late.



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