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Project Updates – 6/7/2019

By July 5, 2019July 8th, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Chris Homco

Some time ago Glen Brendal and Eugene Winicker worked to obtain a sign that would mark the entrance of our property for decades to come.  It was done at a time when the society didn’t have much money and what little it did have was designated to be spent ushering 765 into the 90’s. Understanding the lasting power of our organization, it’s validity in acquisition was agreed upon and the sign was obtained. Whether we paid for the sign to be made or the labor was donated has been lost to history but we do know that Eugene Winicker (Steve Winicker’s Father) procured and donated the redwood and Glen Brendal procured and applied the paint.  It offered a welcome to those that visited our Magnificent Machine at our Edgerton Road property.

25 plus years later the sign is seeing a second life as it has been completely restored by a crew of volunteers led by Steve Winicker.

The sign is proudly back in it’s home welcoming guests to our property for another twenty years and more.

Brody cleans the sign in prep for restoration

The restored sign reinstalled.

The wabash caboose work continues Contact DJ to get in on the email chain for that project at

Work on the box car continues in the following weeks. Contact Rich Brinkley to get in on the email chain for that project at

358 is ready for electrical and plumbing work. Contact WD Miller to get in on the email chain for Project 358 at

534 work continues every weekend. Contact Jerrad Bennet for information on that project at