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358 Update – 5/26/2019

By May 26, 2019Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller

Past couple weekends has produced progress on 358, additional fabrication work continued on the fireman’s side battery box.  It’s down to 2 last pieces that need welded on and it’ll be complete.

Engineer’s side needs a couple more pieces cut and welded it too will be complete.

The final class light was trimmed and prepped for installation.  That’ll be the next big step of fab work that goes on the locomotive.  I have a sample LED light fixture on order to test the lighting and look of that fixture inside the class light, it’s multi-color, so we’ll be able to switch from white to green at the flip of a switch.

The engineer’s side of the sill box had a final clean up and an application of POR-15 rust prevention applied.  This side of the locomotive is basically done for rust proofing in the sill.  Just a little bit remains on the fireman side, but with battery box work, that has been delayed.  That won’t take long to do as it’s fairly clean now, and is pretty much wide open.

Saturday, had Jeremy doing some sanding work on the back doors of the electrical cabinet, just something that needed done, and easier accessed now without the Aux Gen in the way.

Near future plans: 

Next weekend, May/June 31-1-2, wrap up the FM side box, and tackle the ENG side box.  Hit the FM side for rust proofing and finish that up.  Clean up and paint the metal grate that will sit in the bottom of the boxes.   June 7-8-9 set batteries, move on to class lights and cab, plus prime mover mechanics.

We’re slated to move out of the shop on or about the 14th of June.  Depending on the needs of 765 and trailing truck work, discussion with Steve on that last night was had.  More to follow, so the 7th-9th maybe the last full weekend for 358 for a few weeks until 765 is completed.  Plus the Plymouth had some time needs in the shop as well to replace some windows.  Our work on 358 can continue outside for the most part for a while now, since it’s mainly under the long hood and/or cab work now.

Anyone interested in help on Project 358, anything from cleaning/sanding to getting elbow deep in grease….let me know, glad to bring you on board.

Contact WD Miller to get in on the email chain for Project 358 at

The south beam on the caboose was removed Sunday morning by DJ and Chris. Join next weekend for the installation of the new beam. Contact DJ to get in on the email chain for that project at

Work on the box car continues. Contact Tom Nitza to get in on the email chain for that project at

534 work continues every weekend. Contact Jerrad Bennet for information on that project at