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Project Updates – 5/12/2019

By May 12, 2019Members Only

Submitted by  Tom


The Plymouth is back to running condition. The plumbing is in place and  all appears to be in good order. All of the items that had been removed  have been resintalled. You can see in the photo what a great job John  did in polishing the throttle, brake, and air gauge. One bracket needs  to be welded in place and the bell needs to be hooked up. In order to  power the bell I need to install the operating valve in the control panel and tie it in to the existing piping to the bell.

There is one note of bad news, the horn decided to quit working. Since it was an old truck horn it really didn’t sound “railroady”. A search is underway for a suitable replacement. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Due to travel commitments, the next scheduled work day for the Plymouth and 1231 will be Friday May 31st.

Work on the Wabash Caboose ramped Up again this weekend with work prepping the main beams for the south wall. Contact DJ to get in on the email chain for that project at

Work on the box car continues in the following weeks. Contact Tom Nitza to get in on the email chain for that project at

358 will be coming back in the shop in may to load the newly acquired batteries and continue fabrication work. Contact WD Miller to get in on the email chain for Project 358 at

534 work continues every weekend. Contact Jerrad Bennet for information on that project at

Be sure to keep your calendar open on May 18th, as a shop spring cleaning day and cook out is being planned. Further information will be emailed in the coming days. Contact Chris Homco for further information on that at