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765 Update – 5/22/2019

By May 22, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


The trailing truck pedestal binders were taken into Precision Heat Treating to make the wearing surfaces a bit harder and therefor more wear resistant. John completed a pop valve gag which gives us three of these devices which matches the number of pop valves.  Saturday and Sunday were devoted to cleaning up the shop and grounds. Quite a bit of brush and scrap were removed, however for those who missed out you will have more opportunities. More opportunities for lunch are not necessarily in the works but WD did cook up some very good hamburgers and brats. A taste comparison of barbeque flavored chips from last September and some purchased hours before was held.  The older chips were declared serviceable, but the newer ones were declared better.  More cleaning followed on Sunday, but the crew was less and so were the accomplishments. Lunch was good, but at Richards as is typical.  I bought lunch for the Sunday crew as a thank you for helping.



Work on getting the trailing truck pieces together so we can fit them up and reassemble the truck will be on going.  I have several other projects involving straightening out the ash pan that need to be undertaken as well.  Property clean up work is still needed and we can continue with that as time permits.



The first three-day holiday weekend of the summer is upon us. No matter what you have planned, please make safety a major part of your weekend. Make your weekend an enjoyable weekend and not a weekend of tragedy. Don’t become a headline on the nightly news.

If you’re traveling this weekend, be extra careful on the road. Many people will be out and about with many things other than driving on their mind. Keep safety in mind at all times.

Enjoy your days off . . . you deserve them, but be safe. . . It will make the weekend much more enjoyable.