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765 Update – 5/1/2019

By May 1, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


I planted grass on Thursday and mowed some grass.  The rain put an end to those activities.  Friday was busy I cleaned up the coal pile area in time to dump 20 tons of coal on it and unloaded a pallet of staybolt material which will be heading off to Daniel Kester at some point in the future for manufacturing into stay bolts. John turned down some brass screws to use in the trailing truck while Carl did some grinding on the #1.


Saturday a hearty crew worked on raking up the hill and planting grass.  This being done God began watering the newly planted seed.  Cleaning the shop and the grounds proceeded into the day along with some work on the Wabash caboose. Aaron shoved the coal received into a taller pile so there should be room for another load at some point. Joe fearlessly plugged in the Bridgeport in the correct socket and it works as advertised.


Sunday, I arrived late just in time to meet DJ heading out for home.  Tried out starting the big fork lift first thing and found the battery nearly dead even though on the charger all night. So, it is off to buy a battery. – Got a new battery wired it in fork lift started right up and was moved.  Now it is out of the way of concrete but in the way of Rich.  It can be moved once the concrete is done or if Rich starts on a day when the concrete is not being poured. If it is moved, I highly recommend straight ahead or straight back. Once the floor is finished, we can get it out of the way of other projects.



It appears there may be some shop activity through the week, though none which should require many volunteers.  Tom is moving some cars around and spotting the Headwater Junction car near the hole in the fence so some preliminary work on it can be done prior to moving it into building 201.  We may or may not see the north west corner of the building floor finished depending on weather.  I will be out Friday, and hope John can get a start on creating the gib pin holes in the spring hangers. If the weather would cooperate, we could finish removing paint from the trailing truck frame. There still are tell tale holes to clean out in the firebox. Plenty of property clean up projects are also available for the hearty. 



Get Smart, Act Smart, Be Smart… Use Safety from the Start.

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