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Project Updates – 3/31/2019

By April 1, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Jerrad Bennet & Tom Nitza


This weekend a group of people spent time needle gunning the firebox area in the cab of 534. Work also continued on the tender frame.


More work on the Plymouth this past week. The fireman’s cab window
opening is ready to install the window track which should take place
next week. At the moment the window has plastic over it because the
locomotive was moved outside late Friday to make room for the flat car
and the 534 tender project. John and I also worked on the air piping and
managed to get a bracket welded in place and more piping installed. We
aired up the system and, of course, found some leaks because plumbing is
evil. There’s a leak at on of the threaded joints in a union but that’s
simply a matter of tightening. Also, the dirt trap leaks at the drain
valve and gasket. Both of those parts will be replaced.

Work will continue on Friday April 5th. Once the window track is
installed we can get a measurement for the glass and order that. Since
it’s being made locally that shouldn’t take too long and we’ll have a
completed fireman’s side window. All of the major air piping is in so
now it’s a matter of connecting to existing items such as the horn, air
gauge, bell and compressor unloaders. Since we already have the area
disassembled, we’ll probably clean off and paint a portion of the
electrical cabinet which will be harder to do once all of the
connections are made. The new piping will also be painted.


the firebox area was being needle scaled