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765 Update – 4/24/2019

By April 24, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


It was a slow weekend even though we had several volunteers present.  John did more measuring on the trailing truck boxes assisted by Rob.  Jeff and Austin Rayner spent most of the day, Saturday, in the firebox drilling out tell tales to the end of the bolts.  Still some crown bolts to go but a commendable effort.  John worked on setting up a spring hanger to bore the gib pin hole.  The effort was unsuccessful as the power plug for the machine had been removed and the relocated plug in could only be reached by one defective extension cord; which spit some fire and then glowed an attractive red color prior to tripping a breaker.  We did have some success in getting the big air compressor running and making air.  The connection appears to still need some work. 



Find a replacement for the defective plug and possibly get the mill running so we can bore holes in the spring hangers. Finish boring tell tale holes. Remove paint from the trailing truck and possibly clean up the grounds if the weather permits. 



One of the most common things one can see during a safety inspection of the work area are blocking violations if you know exactly what to look for. What types of things should not be blocked? Following is a partial list of common items found in most workplaces, however, there can certainly be others….

Emergency Exits

Eyewash stations and showers

Electrical panels

Electrical disconnects

Fire extinguishers

Pedestrians aisles 

The good news is that blocking is easy to identify and fix. Painting zones around these areas and installing signs to inform people they can’t be blocked is an effective way to control blocking situations. Regular inspections and emphasis on blocking is the most important element to preventing such issues. Specifically look for items that “have always been there” as these permanently blocked items may need to be addressed.  

Look around the Shop and all work areas to see if there is clear access to the electrical panels, fire extinguishers and safety eyewash stations. Let Management know if something is blocking access. Look to see if any items have been “permanently” blocked by design. 

Most importantly, don’t be the individual that creates an equipment or access issue!