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765 Update – 3/27/2019

By March 27, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday John got the trailing truck pedestal jaws measured, be sure to come out and look at the neatly painted numbers. I took the front equalizer levers to Glaze for machining.  Unfortunately, they are quite busy and it may take some time for them to get worked in.


Saturday  Chris Zahrt worked on the feed water heater and got the valve reassembled with the proper clearances.  The heater is now ready to go back together on the engine.  Dan and Barney were out to get some measurements off the trailing truck and left with what they needed.  Several groups worked on cleaning up the drawbars.  There was a bit of work grinding on the #1 tender frame parts that still need some of the rivets removed. Joe worked on shop cleanup and George worked on the second large air compressor, apparently getting several of it’s features activated. It may be getting close to a test to see if it will really move air.


Sunday more drawbar cleaning, #1 tender parts grinding and compressor work.  I reassembled the feedwater heater spray head in preparation for reassembling the unit on the engine. 



I am hoping to be able to weld up some of the worn parts from the trailing truck spring rigging.  If we can get the proper tools, we can bore some of the spring hangers. Since the drawbars are cleaned, we can magnaflux them and measure for wear. The bell and the feedwater heater can go back on the engine after having been inspected.   



Spring is officially here and we’re getting into the Tornado season for our area. It’s important to review what the various National Weather Service alerts mean.

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch…. means that conditions are favorable for a severe thunderstorm in the area(s) covered under the watch.

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning…. means that a severe thunderstorm has been spotted in the area either visually or via Doppler Radar. This could mean high winds, lightning and heavy rain.

A Tornado Watch…. means the conditions are favorable for a tornado in the area(s) covered under the Tornado Watch. You do not need to take cover, but you should keep an eye on the conditions and stay near a radio/tv/weather radio.

A Tornado Warning…. means that a tornado has been spotted in the area covered either visually by someone on the ground, such as a Public Service individual, a NOAA trained spotter or via Doppler Radar. That means take cover immediately.

If you have a basement or a storm shelter in your home that is a good place to go. If you’re not sure where to go or what help in determining the best place, checkout the FEMA website at for detailed information on how to determine the safest place to be. 

There are aps available for smart phones which will initiate an alarm on you phone when severe weather warnings are issued for your area. is an excellent web site to observe current weather conditions, weekly forecasts, Hazardous Weather Outlook and warnings.

Remember the saying….When thunder roars… get indoors.