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765 Update – 3/13/2019

By March 13, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday started out with repairing the shop grinder and the torch set.  The cutting torch seems to be working but may have some additional problems due to improper use which may have burned some gaskets.  In any case use with caution until we determine whether the issues are solved or not. After some tool rest adjustments, the bench grinder works fine.  The rest of the day was spent running all over to buy stuff.  I picked up the cable for the crane along with cable lube, some blades for the  reciprocating saw, dropped off an empty oxygen tank and picked up some tip cleaners. Tom and Rich spent the day tearing apart the box car.


Saturday was taken up by shopping, looking for prints (found the tool box drawings but did not find the cab heaters) and a board meeting.  I did not have any one available to otherwise work on the 765 but work progressed on the SD9 and Wabash #1,  At the end of the day the SD9 was switched out and the Plymouth installed in the beauty spot.  Work on windows and other needs will begin soon. One wire welder is down work on it will commence Friday.


Sunday was peaceful.  I spent the time comparing pin measurement on the trailing truck. Tried my luck at measuring bushings and decided I would wait until John could do it as my measurements seemed to be radically variable.  Joe did some more cleaning on the trailing truck and we put a few things away in the shop. 



It occurs to me we should start drilling staybolt tell tails so that will be on tap for next weekend.  I hope we will be able to get the rest of the bushings and pins measured and possibly start with some weld build-up on worn parts. At this point I think there are six pins and possibly a bushing or two that need to be replaced.  All the spring hanger tops need welded up and re-bored.



In most everything we do, we frequently find a way to make the process go easier and faster. These modified processes we develop become work habits and are used not only at work but in our everyday activities as well.

Some specialists say it takes 21 days of continual monitoring and reminding yourself to develop a habit. Some of us have very good habits, some of us could use a little work. Let’s look at a few tasks….

·        Do you fasten your seatbelt every time you enter an automobile?

·        Do you put in your hearing protection as you enter noisy work area or perform a noisy task if only for a brief time period?

·        Do you confirm the power is truly disconnected after you lockout/tag out a machine or system?

·        Do you scrape the frost off your entire windshield prior to getting in the car on cold mornings?

·        Do you wear safety glasses and long pants when you use your weed wacker?

·        Do you turn your head and check your blind spot prior to switching lanes?

·        Do you make eye contact with the forklift drivers before walking near them?

·        Do you utilize the handrail when going up or down stairs?

·        Do you stop and look both ways before walking out into an aisle?

·        Do clean up your work area and return tools to their designated storage area upon completing a job or at the end of the work day?

These are just a few habits that safety conscious employees do each and every time they do the task. How about you?