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Wabash 534 & Flat Car Update – 2/4/2019

By February 5, 2019Members Only

Submitted by Jerrad Bennett.

Wabash 534
Carl, spent Saturday needle scaling and overall cleaning the interior smoke box on Wabash 534. The rear upper tubesheet was removed and the remaining firebox grates were removed. The interior of the boiler barrel and firebox were sandblasted.  As of this writing, all the sand and dirt had been removed from the boiler barrel. In a week or so the interior will be painted with Apperior #1 boiler paint.

Work has begun to disassemble 534’s tender frame.  As soon as the Wabash flat car wood deck is completed, work will begin building the new tender frame using the Wabash flat car as a work platform.

Wabash Flatcar
The weekend saw a flurry of activity around our Wabash Flatcar. On Friday, Jerrad finished the paint job by hand painting the lettering and numbers on the side of the flat car. Friday through Sunday saw many volunteers making quick work of installing the new decking. Each piece had to be cut to length, routed around rivets and posts, fit, drilled, and bolted into place.

Smokebox work continues

Carl cleaning out 534’s smokebox

Wabash flat car decking nears completion

Wabash flatcar received new paint and lettering