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358 Update – 1/27/19

By January 27, 2019Members Only

Submitted by WD Miller.

Other projects have been in the shop, this is just a status update as 358 should find her way back into the work flow within the next couple of weeks
  • Engineer’s battery box coming along, more fabrication needed
  • Door panels for the Fireman’s side sill boxes have been cut out.  We’ll get hinges from Chris soon, and then get those installed.
  • The class lights have begun to be trimmed down and prepped for installation
  • Carson worked on the air compressor installing the final plates that were sent to us by our east coast connection.
  • Carson then switched his attention to finishing what I started with the hand brake handle, finding a large washer to fill in a gap that was left creating the handle to be “sloppy” that fix was just the trick.
  • Applied the hand brake, which set just fine, but then wouldn’t release.  This gained the attention of Cory, Brandon, Carson, and myself with comic relief provided by one Chris Homco when passing by our location.  After some hammering, pry barring, a bunch of lube, and a few choice words, it began to work a bit better.  Then we followed where everything attached to and pivoted and lubed all of that very well and let set.  Came back a while later with a follow up round of lube oil, and tried the handbrake set again.  The “set” was perfect, and the “release” was SWEET!!!!   The tension spring has plenty of pull left in her to snap the rigging back to the released position.  After a few more sets and releases, and several “atta’boys ’round for all” we moved on to other projects.
  • Cory finished welding up the last bit on the fireman’s side cab wall and corner.  Cab is “whole” again.
  • Carson did some grinding work on the battery boxes as prescribed by Brandon once he had to leave.



Carson inspects the handbrake.