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765 Update – 10/28/2018

By November 4, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday, I arrived late to find Mr. Brinkley working on making kindling of the boxcar (actually setting up to do so) about the same time Tom showed  up to assist him. They tore off some of the rotted roof section and kindly got rid of the nail filled residue. Fritcha had been busy over the week making some parking lot and access improvements.  I spent the day organizing tools and putting some away that had been rescued from the 701. Thought I would try the furnace to see if it would work and found it did not.

Saturday dawned, and I thought about rolling over and continuing my nap but got up and ventured to the shop.  Brody’s car was in the parking lot and I went into the building and continued my efforts at organizing. The doorbell rang, and I unlocked the shop to find Joe, Mary and Brody waiting at the locked door. A good time commenced.  Zach (from MI) not Hall showed up followed by Bill and the Enyart family.  The rods were cleaned, stuff was moved, a shelf was built, and other small projects attended to. Brody braved the firebox and got out the arch brick out with only a few mishaps.  Joe and I tried the furnace with the same results as Friday. The day being far spent we adjourned for home.

Sunday was a dark miserable day and everyone but me apparently stayed home. Well except for Gary who came in for a few minutes to finish up some paperwork. I did have a mouse who was busy rearranging the paper in the trash can in the office and making me a bit nervous, but he has now left for other delights in other places in the shop. I did not get a name but am certain it was not Mickey. I could tell as instead of black and white; he was a solid grey with beady eyes and no pants. I also note the internet is down, so you well may have to wait until tomorrow to find this message cluttering your inbox.


Next week is a bit of a mystery.  I do know that Rich intends to be here on Friday and work on the boxcar. Zach Hall may be out in the afternoon.  Joe might be here Saturday morning, but he had not firmed up a plan yet. I will be inspecting logging jobs on Friday and at an Indiana Forest and Woodland Owners meeting on Saturday.  Provided I get home I will be out Sunday afternoon.  If I get more information I will send out a schedule of planned events but at this time it appears if you have been putting off until next weekend getting your steam engine fix you have waited too long.

The annual meeting is the following weekend (November 10 and 11).  I believe the shop schedule will be back to normal with an early adjournment on Saturday.