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765 Update – 8/5/2018

By August 16, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Work continued on putting the 765 back together getting ready for the steam test on the 16th and the open house. By Saturday all was back together and we gave it a hydrostatic test to find any leaking fittings or disconnected pipes that had been missed.  That was successful after a bit of scurrying around to fix the leaks found. The lettering is being put on this week and all should be in readiness for the tests and open house other than coal and water which we will be adding during the week.


Next week we will put a few more finishing touches on the locomotive but most of the effort will be getting the shop and property ready for the open house.  Lots of work will be needed to get things moved around.  Plan for a day or three of activities.