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765 Update – 8/12/2018

By August 16, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Lots of small detail work was done on the 765 over the weekend and will continue through the week. Filling the tender and treating the water were accomplished over the weekend.  Coal was put into the firebox to get it ready for lighting off in preparation for the steam test scheduled for the 16th of August. Windows were cleaned and various nuts and bolts painted. The plan is to keep the engine hot over the weekend to check out and fix any issues that might be noticed as well as provide some smokey steamy atmosphere for the Open House planned for this weekend. Jon is finishing up the wiring on the locomotive today (Monday).


Set up work for the Open House and the Steam test of the boiler will continue through the week.  The 85 is expected to arrive tomorrow. Wednesday will see the final placement of equipment for the open house.  Tuesday afternoon we will conduct a steam test of the boiler setting pop valves and checking out air pumps and doing the other work needed to finish the annual and 1472 service day inspection.


The upcoming Open House operations this week will bring many general public visitors to the Society campus. This will heighten the importance of safety due to moving trains, engines under steam pressure, vehicles entering and leaving the site parking areas and visitors moving about everywhere.

Safety does not come naturally–it requires you to constantly ask questions and educate yourself and be aware of changing conditions both site wise and potentially weather wise. Your attitude, knowledge and behavior will ultimately determine how safe you and all others on site are.

  • Be involved with your safety team.
  • Attend PreJob Briefings and ask questions to assure you know the job, potential safety issues and all expectations.
  • Help with safety training and safety meetings.
  • Follow all safety practices, procedures and any additions to those items.
  • Suggest safer work practices and procedures.
  • Know your role in an emergency including who and how to contact to secure emergency assistance.
  • Take responsibility for housekeeping.
  • Think about your back.
  • Always wear all required PPE
  • Be visible by wearing Hi Vis safety vests, especially when directing vehicle traffic. Remember you can’t be avoided if you can’t be seen!
  • Be aware of your surroundings and react as necessary to any changes.
  • Expect the unexpected.

Be engaged, be involved, be Safe!