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765 Update 7/29/2018

By July 30, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday John and Bob cleaned the trailing truck.  Oil was purchased and cleanup of the shop and grounds was worked on.

Saturday the spring rigging was assembled and the locomotive put back on the track.  Followed by the application of check valves and other appliances.  A spot for coal was cleared west of the shop with a delivery of the first load anticipated for Monday evening. The tender was brought up and applie to the locomotive making it a complete unit once again.  George Kester and others worked on applying new foot boards to the front of the locomotive.

Sunday continued work on piping and other miscellaneous projects. Cleaned up more of the grounds.  George worked on making a new low water alarm cover, gave tours and did wonderful stuff.  Tyler worked on lapping valves and  checking the air system for leaks. Craig worked on hooking up air lines to the sanders.  5 on the right side still needs to be hooked up while 1 and another needs to be hooked up on the left side.


Jerrad hopes to finish the painting next week.  Next weekend we are planning to do a less than boiler pressure hydrostatic test of the boiler to see if anything needs attention. We will work on a few more washout plug seats and get the remaining washout plugs in obviously before we give the engine a squeeze.  We will need to finish off some plumbing and get gauges in the cab as well.  It is beginning to look like a locomotive.