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765 Update 7/22/2018

By July 30, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday John worked on lapping the check valve seats and finished them up.  The turned pins for the suspension, washout plugs and a new box for the stoker jet valves were retrieved along with sand paper, fork lift gas and other essential items around the shop. A locomotive part was sandblasted ahead of a storm but I cant remember what it was. Tom and Carl got loose paint off of the 1231 and did some spot priming in preparation for painting.

Saturday more sandblasting ahead of more rain. Joe got the throttle rod, glare sheild and turret header sand blasted.  We then installed those parts in the locomotive cab along with a much of the arch brick. We need to make a few additional bricks for the arch to finish.

Sunday no one felt like working on anything so I spent the day working on the form 4.  Got as far as the first ½ page before the energy ran out.  Will continue Tuesday.  I also successfully found someones JR tickets for them over the phone on their computer.