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765 Update – 7/1/2018

By July 10, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


We got off to a good start Friday with Bob Whiteman working on finishing up the front end repairs of the smoke box drain and shutting up the front door. John Jaress worked on lapping some seats on washout plugs in the cab, later joined by Bob.  Jerrad worked on finishing up the drain tile and gravel spreading as well as some painting. One more line of tile and a modification of the section on the north side of the building should complete that project. I picked up jacket parts we had made at Dirig Sheet Metal. This allowed for making a few bands that ran in areas not the same as the original and also replaced some damaged band sections.

Saturday was a bit light for a Saturday as many volunteers are out having summer fun.  Jon Jarros, Chris Zahart, George, fresh from driving a little old guy and his convertible in a parade, Brody, Bill  as well as others were out putting the bands between jacket sections on. The sand dome was put back on the engine and the steam dome lid torqued down.

Sunday, more work on the jacket was accomplished. Turbogenerators were picked out of storage and cleaned.


As of now the plan is to keep working on the engine through the 4th of July week.  Some time for tile work is needed as well and other projects abound. Come around if you can.  If your trip is during the week you might want to let me know as projects and work hours are a bit flexible.