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765 Update – 6/25/2018

By July 10, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


The jacket blitz got started with measuring sheets and taking them to the Metal Supermarket for bending. Once they arrived much cutting and fitting and measuring ensued. More sheets were readied for cutting and bending on the hook end, draw brackets were manufactured sheet metal was applied.

Friday, once the new sheets arrived more of the same type of work continued.

Saturday, we applied several complete rings of jacketing permanently on the engine along with more cutting fitting and painting for the rest of the areas. At the end of the day roughly 2/3rds of the engine had jacketing minus the trim rings between sheets.

Sunday, we struggled with a few sections of jacket but finally had all the large pieces cut to size and fitted. All are installed on the engine, but some trim pieces and the bands are still needed to finish the jacket.  I will be looking for parts tomorrow along with installing tile if the weather holds. Feel free to join the fun Monday. Their may be some other opportunities during the week.

Thanks to all who participated in getting the jacket put on the engine, especially Zack Hall for ramrodding this event and Bob Gold for continuing cutting and fitting sometimes late into the evening.


As it stands I plan to have the shop open Friday through the 4th if there are projects to pursue. Just what will be on the schedule will depend on parts availability.  We will push on getting the jacket finished so it can be painted. If the jacket is finished there are lots of clean up projects around the shop grounds that need attention. Some chain saw work to remove brush on the back 40 is needed if anyone has the time to spend working on that effort.  I believe we can finish off a lot of the collecting of shredder steel this weekend as well.