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765 Update – 5/20/2018

By June 7, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday, Bob W and I worked on cleaning up the locomotive and rounding up supplies.  Jerrad worked on getting the last of the runs buffed out of the tender and is nearly done.  He also has a start on sanding down the cab.

Saturday, we had a small crew, with the graduation and train trips and the royal wedding it was a busy weekend. Don and Matt Lee worked on cleaning up the under the running board section of the engine while Bill Martz worked on removing paint from the cab corner jacket pieces. Joe put in a new sink and Bill O sandblasted some small running board parts.  Jimmy called and said he was going to arrive with a ballast regulator belonging to Aaron. Its past 8 two needle guns are still running, and I am going home.

Sunday, morning dawns with the ballast regulator being unloaded at the Industrial park and at the shop needle guns are roaring, paint chips falling, and cleaning progress being made.


The day is not over as I write this but baring a miraculous event more degreasing, cleaning and progress will be needed next week.  I am hopeful Bob Gold will be back in action and that we can make some serious progress on the jacketing. If all else fails, there are plenty of jobs around the grounds that can be moved along.