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765 Update – 6/18/2018

By June 19, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday, Bob W applied some paint to areas of jacket that would be covered up once the jacket is assembled and ready for paint to keep any future rusting to a minimum. A lot of time was spent lapping the whistle valve packing ring.  Other work was done on the property with some additional scrap steel being put into the scrap bin and trash being put into the dumpster. Some badly needed mowing was done. Tom and Carl serviced the 1231 and moved the train around to provide access for work on the 358.

Saturday, Jerrad and I put the turret cover up on the engine, Brody worked on getting more scrap into the scrap container and started to disassemble some of the old lighting fixtures that have cluttered up the property for some time. Jerrad applied some paint to critical areas of the locomotive and lapped some on the whistle valve and packing ring. Tom worked on the 1231, Dave was out to work on tamper repairs and Bandon welded on some sheet metal to replace the bent-up section on the cab. More might have happened, but it was too hot in the afternoon to work too hard.

Sunday I just arrived at 10 AM and it is already too hot.  If anyone shows up, we will do something. Brandon showed up and worked on the 358 until he ran out of welding wire.  I took apart old lighting fixtures because I could do it with a fan and in the shade. Aaron showed up to spray weeds so that should be done by the end of the day, but I will not be here to report on it as I am finding a shower and some air.


Since the washout plugs were delayed we hope to have them on hand Thursday.  Some seats need to be cut, some need to be lapped.  Plugs need to be installed, the jacket needs to be cut out and applied. If that does not keep us busy or there are too many volunteers to keep busy working on jacketing, there is a lot of general property work to be done.