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765 Update 5/6/2018

By May 9, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday, John and Bob W. worked on cutting washout plug seats on the engine.  I spent the day arranging things getting a pin down to heat treat to be case hardened and worked on dye penetrant checking the drawbars to be sure there were no developing cracks. Tom spent some quality time with the 1231 cleaning up one coupler mechanism and laying out a paint scheme in addition to other projects.

Saturday, we removed paint, cleaned up greasy areas under the engine, finished up testing the drawbars for defects and replaced the one broken bolt we found during the hydrostatic test.  Cosmetic repair work and scale reduction continued on the SD9 project. Aaron was working on the tie replacement project.

Sunday, more paint was scraped off and some applied.


Next weekend we will be working on jacket installation if Bob is available to give us direction and parts. There may be parts to clean as well and we can lap in valves if all else fails. Some additional seat cutting is needed which I hope can be handled by Bob W. and John Jaress as they now have the process dialed in.