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765 Update – 4/29/2018

By May 9, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday, Bob, Craig and Rich were able to get some more jacket cut out and applied to the locomotive.  Mr. Nitza worked on correcting some coupler issues on the 1231.

Saturday my report is second hand but Carl, Bob and someone else wrestled sheets in and out and ended up with the pieces over the firebox being cut out and ready to install, and the band around at the steam dome connected all around the boiler.  Brody apparently went in and measured the location of the bottom washout plug so if it’s in the wrong spot we will know who to blame – Bob.  On an unfortunate note someone apparently has trouble seeing large sheets of steel on pallets on the floor and walked over and bent up one of our new sheets, another was left with a big bow which probably will disappear.  Hopefully, we will be able to straighten out the kinked one and it will end up somewhere not too noticeable. There is a lot of material laid out in the shop while we work on it.  Step over, go around or go elsewhere.  If there is a spot you cannot get to ask Bob or myself and we will tell you how to get there. Stepping on unsupported sheet metal is hazardous as well as destructive.

Sunday, was a slow day but Eric got most of the right-side piping, drivers and other areas degreased.   Bob, Bob and myself loaded up Bob’s pickup with sheets to bend and shear, then cleaned up around the shop consolidating where we could. No sheets were applied to the locomotive as the Saturday crew ruined Bob and he was having issues walking much less climbing.


Next week we will be doing more jacket fitting. We still have areas of the locomotive that need wiped down and other projects will come about as we work further on the jacket.  Jerrad continues painting and prep work on the locomotive.  He should be out a few days this week but has some other projects that need his attention so it will be a light week for the paint crew.