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765 Update – 4/22/2018

By May 9, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday Bob Whiteman completed the insulation on the outside of the engine.  Bob Gold continues to fit up Jacketing and may begin to fit ups some pieces on the underside of the locomotive soon. You will not want to miss experience so be sure to keep track of the work dates and stop by.

Saturday, only Matt, George and Joe were present, so we concentrated on projects not involving the 765.  By we, I mean George and Matt dug out 50 ties from the back 40 that appear to have some life in them, removed tie plates and spikes and stacked them in the parking lot. Joe spent the day sweeping, straightening and taking out trash.

Sunday, the running boards were removed from the areas where they interfere with the Jacket and some additional sheets were fitted. Bob took the newly laid out Jacket sheets home for bending along with a stay bolt for drilling and threading. Matt removed the old furnace vent and put a patch over the hole. Due to lack of ambition, energy, direction and interest we all decided to go home.


Next week I plan to be out Friday and Sunday.  I have a graduation (not mine) to attend on Saturday.  I assume someone will be out but have no commitments at this time.  Bob is not sure yet whether he will be out or not.  So, I will plan on updating the coming events.