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765 Update – 4/14/2018

By April 14, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.

1.       The painting project is coming along.  The overall job is great looking though we have a few runs to take care of.  Jerrad hopes to work on those this week. 

2.       Insulation installation is coming along very slowly but the two ends appear to be going to meet in the middle some time this week or early next.  This is exclusive of the cab interior which is yet to be done.

3.       The Insulation installers are likely to be overrun by the jacket.  Bob is making good progress with about a third of the top sheets cut out and on.  Fittings still need to be applied and we are thinking of giving the back of the sheets a quick coat of paint before putting them permanently on the engine.

4.       1472-day inspection report.  There are only a few readings needed on the front end.  Then I need to compile the remaining data and begin work on the Form 4.  Painting, insulating and Jacketing have not given me time to work on this aspect recently.

5.       I was hoping to have the broken staybolt repaired but the bolt has not arrived despite being reported sent last week.  The bolt and a nearby cap or two were found to be leaking under hydrostatic pressure.

6.       The bonnet of the right-side boiler stop valve was taken to Daniel Kester for machining and repair.  Several issues including a bent stem, chewed up hex on the bonnet, gouges on the seats etc. need work.  The whistle valves were worked on and the seats lapped in and profiled.  Other assorted valves need work.

7.       Gary took most of the washout plugs to a shop in Wisconsin where he is having some other work done to get the copper gaskets reprofiled.  Cost is estimated to be $10 $15 per plug

8.       The small seats are being cut by John Jaress using tools borrowed from Diversified Rail.  No charge.  Only the small seat cutter appears to fit our plugs.  More washout sleeves need attention.

9.       Some projects we would like to complete include;

  1.  Installing a continuous blowdown on the 765.  This should reduce the dissolved solids on the surface of the boiler water and reduce carry over of water.
  2.  Changing oil in the driving boxes
  3.  Replace smoke box shield which was not properly bolted in and fell out.
  4.  1,521 other small projects and tweaks need for trouble free operation