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765 Update – 3/4/2018

By March 9, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker

Friday, Moved the engine, cars and some stuff around to get ready to separate the tender from the engine. We took delivery of Mineral Wool insulation, so we can start working on the boiler lagging. Also took time to clean out the cinders, unburned coal from the firebox and ash pan. Took the #1 cab out and installed that on top of, you guessed it #1 where it has not been for many years.

Saturday, DJ showed up with the idea of covering the Wabash Caboose with something that would keep it from continuing to deteriorate. He and Joe Knapke covered it with a large tarp. Good news guys, it appears to be holding with a moderately gusty wind today. Jerrad worked on getting the engine and tender separated. Jerrad also put on a final coat of paint on the boiler barrel so we can get started on the insulation installation. Brandon was at work on the SD9 as well as lending a hand with the engine and tender separation. Brody worked on some signs and Rich, Dave, Bill and Staci worked on creating some shelf space to aid in emptying the boxcar, so the restoration project can proceed. In the afternoon Joe and myself worked on removing the drawbars from the locomotive. That was accomplished with the help of a few others. The tender was positioned so all sides can be accessed for sanding and painting. Gordon called and wanted to pass on his Howdy to you all and remind you we had a big season ahead.

Sunday, I spent the day working on this update and entering the UT readings in a file. Mark R. worked on cleaning grease and dirt off the undercarriage of the 765 to prep it for painting. Many tours were given. Gordon called to remind me we had to get ready to go and say Hi to all. Kelly sent out a short list of the events we are planning for the upcoming year. It appears an announcement is imminent, all later in the year (August & September possibly later). Gordon had a list as well; it is much longer and more interesting starting in May.

This coming weekend we need to work on getting insulation on the boiler. Much cutting and fitting will be needed. The underside of the locomotive running gear and piping needs to be cleaned. Due to damage from water getting into bearings it has been decided to do this by hand using mineral spirits, kerosene and elbow grease. The project is starting out today in promising fashion. Also on tap is removal of a staybolt that was found to be broken during the hydrostatic test along with some caps and other issues needing attention.