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765 Update – 3/11/2018

By March 21, 2018Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday, Jerrad did some more sanding while Bob W cleaned the wheels and running gear on the right side

Saturday, Zach removed the bolt that showed bad during the hydrostatic test.  Looks like it may have got locked on the seat and repeated bending caused it to fail. A new bolt is on order as we did not have one of the right size in stock. More of the underside of the locomotive was cleaned. We are closer to getting insulation on the engine and closer to when we must have it on, so the jacket work can proceed. Quite a crew was there for the cleaning operation and much progress was made. Jerrad got the tender out and pressure washed the trucks and the engine end of the tender, so it can be sanded and made ready for paint.

Sunday, Mark and I continued cleaning the underside of the engine.  The engine is beginning to look passably clean. We still have 2 drivers on the left side to finish on a once over and then we will do a second wipe down to get down to the paint.

Getting up a 2 AM to properly set the clocks at home was a challenge. Apparently, everyone had a similar problem as I only got a few phone calls and only one assistant.


We must start applying insulation, so we can be ready to work on the Jacket when Mr. Gold returns from distant lands. As noted above there is still the need for more grease removal work.

Additional projects are on the drawing board so there are many projects needing volunteers as we get to them.

Save the Date

May 19th is a date set up for training for volunteers.  It will be held in Springfield Ohio and go over how to stay safe in a railroad environment.


Hazard recognition – avoid animals on the road

Spring is one the horizon and with it comes increased animal activity near roadways that could pose hazards for motorists. Some are emerging from hibernation, and others are entering mating season. Many animals, especially deer, are most active at dawn or dusk. Follow these tips to stay safe: Read more:

  • Use your bright headlights if possible when driving in the morning and evening and no other drivers are around
  • Look for animal crossing road signs and drive through those zones carefully
  • Avoid distractions
  • Stay near the center if you’re on a four-lane or wider road
  • Honk if you see an animal in the road
  • Don’t swerve to avoid an animal. You’ll likely end up hitting a guardrail, another car or tree instead and cause more injuries
  • Stay in your lane and brake firmly if you have to hit a deer. Just before you hit the deer, take your foot off the brake. This will cause the nose of your vehicle to come back up, reducing the chance of the deer smashing into your windshield