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765 Update 12/17/2017

By December 27, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday, I went to a great retirement lunch for a coworker at the Division of Forestry.  While I was gone the toilets got emptied and the 1231 received fuel, thanks to Tom Nitza. I was also able to pick up a new propane tank for the fork lift so we now have a backup.  Jeremy and myself worked on getting out trash and straightening out tools.

Saturday, was a Santa day.  Mid-day George and Tyler showed up and we went to work on the Firebox layout and telltale drilling.  Most are at least opened to 6 inches in depth. The remaining ones were left so dirt would not collect in them.  Most of the grid is laid out in the firebox and additional work on a UT test should begin next week.

Sunday more of the same, since I was the backup conductor I did not venture into the firebox.


I should have the supplies and can start on the ultra sound readings next week.  There is more grid to layout and cleaning of the outer boiler skin.Â