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765 Update – 12/12/2017

By December 27, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Friday the mobile` restroom was moved and emptied.  We got rid of some additional old furnace parts. John and Bob (not that Bob) Whiteman cleaned out the firebox in preparation for UT testing. Saturday the Santa train ran, and Bob W and I started marking a grid and drilling tell tale holes.  We found some additional cleaning would be desired, so postponed work until we can spray down the interior. Sunday ended up being devoted mostly to the Santa Train operation.  All went well as far as I am aware and most reports on the event are generally positive.


Friday, I believe I will be attending a retirement event, however I will be glad to open up the shop in the morning and will be back mid afternoon if things go well. It would be grand if someone was out to at least let in the honey dippers, so they can empty the portable John we have in the shop. Provided they come early I will be around but having to leave is the best way to delay their visit.

I would like to hose out the firebox and plan on continuing to mark out the UT grid and drill staybolt tell tales, on Friday and will do that in the afternoon if no one does it earlier. A light spray down should wash off most of the dust.  I plan on continuing this work Saturday  and possibly Sunday if Santa does not interfere.


The holiday season is a hectic time for all of us, filled with activities and errands, and many people pay less attention to safety and end up in the emergency department,” said Dr Brian Keaton, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians. “The nation’s emergency physicians urge people to take a little extra time and care as they go about enjoying the holidays.”

Safety is not just a work thing . . . it’s a living thing!! During the holiday season with all the stress, tight schedules, crowds, extra work etc, take extra caution and STOP . . . take 5 minutes for safety and think about the activities you’ll be doing. Think about the possible risks of what you’re doing . . . whether it’s your regular job, volunteer job or just hanging up Christmas decorations . . . be vigilant to ensure we’re around for the holiday celebration and the new year.