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765 Update – 11/26/2017

By November 28, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Thursday, I came in late and set up computer.  Found the internet to have dried out and started working.  I thank the weather or whoever may have called to get it up and running. Friday, we spent the day cleaning up things for the better part of the day. Also found everyone went shopping on Black Friday so nothing was open and wasted a trip to Omni Source. Later, we managed to get some pipe removed which will allow a couple of more pieces of Jacket to come off perhaps tomorrow.

Saturday, we had a banner day for this repair season.  All the remaining jacket above the running board was removed and a few pieces underneath. The engine was pulled outside and all the insulation above the running board was removed as well as that from under the combustion chamber.  Saturday night the Kester’s removed about half of the jacket under the boiler barrel and we removed the rest Sunday.  The insulation was pulled off and the engine is naked. It appears there will be some additional work needed around the brake stand in the cab otherwise the boiler is exposed.

Some time was spent cleaning up the mess and moving merchandise to the area it will be being sold during the Santa weekends that are coming up.


Friday the plan is to do the last-minute Santa weekend set up and clean up.  If there is any extra time we may get a start gridding the engine.  Depending on how things go we may be able to continue some work over Saturday and Sunday, but the main effort will be to see our guests have a great visit with Santa.


Safety doesn’t just happen.  It is NOT a matter of luck.  You must continuously think about it and you must work on it.  You must learn how to be safe and to do your work in a safe manner.  You must know the rules and work with those rules in mind and follow the rules.

Some of the most important rules are those that require safety equipment.  Wear your hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, safety shoes and hearing protection.  You may need only one piece of this equipment only once in your life.  However, an accident like the loss of an eye can happen in an instant and affect you for the rest of your life.