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765 Update – 11/19/2017

By November 28, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Good day Friday with various activities accomplished.  We have uncovered more jacketing and if we have a crew we can probably get much of it off on Saturday.  Stay tuned.

Saturday the crew was me, so progress was slim. Jerrad brought in some steel for # 1’s tender and Bill cleaned up the cabooses.  Joe wired away with the goal being emergency lights in the building center to aide in evacuation in case of a power outage. Tom finished up putting in plugs for heaters on the Plymouth. Sunday progress was much better.  The cabooses were decorated for Christmas by Otter and family, who else might have been there I can’t say.  Rob and I removed the remaining jacket on the left side of the engine above the running board. And worked on getting some of the south side jacket loose.


I would like to get more jacketing off and then remove all the insulation we can get at on Saturday or Sunday.  Jerrad plans to paint.


According to OSHA, there are three major characteristics that define confined spaces….

·         It is big enough for a person to fit his or her entire body into the space

·         It is restrictive for the person when he or she is entering and exiting.

·         The space is not meant for someone to stay in for a long period of time.

OSHA has very specific rules for confined space entry and work. In general they can be outlined as the following….

1.      Monitor the atmosphere

2.      Eliminate or control hazards

3.      Ventilate the space

4.      Use proper personal protective equipment

5.      Isolate the space

6.      Have a trained attendant standing by typically at the entrance to the confined space

7.      Be prepared for rescues from the confined space

8.      Plan for emergencies

9.      Emphasize constant communication between the workers in the confined space and those exterior of the space, typically the Attendant

There are many rules associated with entering a confined space but perhaps the Golden Rule of them all is Check and Monitor the atmosphere before entering. It’s critical that we each follow all the procedures put in place to ensure each of us goes home after the work is done.