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Diesel Department – 9/15/2017

By September 27, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Tom Nitza.

John and I spent today working on the front headlights on the 1231. We disassembled both headlight assemblies, brazed on some new steel and hinges, sandblasted everything and applied paint. The hinges allow the assembly that holds the light in place to swing out of the way when replacing the bulb.

The next step will be to reassemble and rewire them prior to installation. We looked at the rear headlights and although they have suffered some rusting from water it doesn’t appear as if we’ll need to replace any steel or hinges. So those lights will just need to be disassembled, sand blasted and painted. They will also receive new wiring. Between now and the 765’s return John and I will get out to the shop and install the rebuilt lights in the front. The rear lights will have to wait for another day.

The main problem appeared to be that the O rings that seal the headlight assemblies have hardened and thus allow water to get into the housing. Since there’s no drain hole the water sits inside and rusts the mounting parts. I’ve located some O ring material at Fastenal so we’ll install that and just for good measure drill a couple of small drain holes.

I’ll be in Cleveland next Friday so the next scheduled work session will be Friday September 29th.