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Throttle Time pre-sales for members has begun

By July 18, 2017February 27th, 2018Archived, Members Only

Member presales have begun for Throttle Time!

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September 18th and 25th
Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad’s Fitzwater Yard – Brecksville, Ohio

Each Throttle Time Session includes:
– 3 miles running forward
– 3 miles running backward
– 3 car train
– Up to 15MPH

– 30 minutes of Throttle Time: $999.00
– 30 minutes of Firing Time: $299.00
– GoPro add-on for Throttle Time: $99.00

– 9AM session on 9/18 or 9/25
– approximately 30 minutes of Firing Time
– approximately 30 minutes of Throttle Time
– Two open-window car tickets for a CVSR steam excursion on 9/17 or 9/24 ($60.00 value)

– Two tour tickets for the Age of Steam Roundhouse on 9/16 or 9/23 ($88.00 value)

Participants will observe and receive instruction for approximately 30 minutes and operate the 765 for approximately 30 minutes at speeds up to 15MPH. Participants can also add 30 minutes in the fireman’s seat and professionally captured and edited video of the experience to their ticket. All participants must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid driver’s license and be in good health. No guests will be permitted in the cab. Friends and families members may wait at Fitztwater Yard.

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society is also offering 2 limited Throttle Time Packages which include 30 minutes of Throttle Time, 30 minutes of Firing Time, tickets to a steam excursion at Cuyahoga Valley and an exclusive tour to the Age of Steam Roundhouse.