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Project 358 Update – 7/16/2017

By July 19, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Chris Lantz.

Since work began in late October of 2016, substantial work to stabilize the locomotive has been completed.

Scope of work completed:

  • Door latches were installed on the engine compartment doors and on the doors under the walkway.
  • The large area of exposed sheet metal behind the cab on the engineers side was prepared and a paint applied.  Paint was also applied to the area under the cab.
  • Approximately 450 pounds of rust, sand, dirt, trash , animal droppings and other debris has been removed from the sub floor under the cab, the electric cabinet, the step areas, along the engine compartment, under the walkways and compressor room.
  • The sump was full of water and other debris.  The drain has been found and unclogged and the sump has been drained.

Progress photos of before and after abatement work started.

In November of 2016, a mechanical inspection was made of the locomotive.  It was found to be in sound condition.  The missing components were identified, replacements located and purchased. The gaskets needed to assemble the coolant and fuel systems were purchased.  The proper fasteners will be purchased and the components installed on the locomotive.