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Diesel Department Update – 6/21/2017

By June 27, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Tom Nitza.

Today Dave and I ran the 1231 to assemble the train for a school tour on Friday. We ran both engines and the current draw on the load meters was almost identical for both engines. When Dave and I had it over the pit we looked at the brushes in the generators and traction motors and found some that needed to be freed up in their holders. It appears as if our work was helpful.

This coming weekend I will not be at the shop. Here’s the work schedule as it stands now:

Friday June 30th

Saturday July 1st

Friday July 21

Saturday July 22

I have to skip several weekends for other activities and a family reunion. Dave will soon be taking off for Texas and will return in Mid July. When he returns we’ll talk about setting aside a three day work session to get serious about installing the new braking system on the Plymouth. I’ll keep you posted.