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765 Update – 6/4/2017

By June 5, 2017Members Only

Submitted by Steve Winicker.


Small crew on Friday.  I picked up the spacer washer for the main valves. Andy painted inside the auxiliary tank. Tried to locate some of the wall leaks in the Auxiliary tank. Saturday, we put the valves back in the locomotive, the steam dome cover back on and worked on miscellaneous leaks. Andy continued painting the inside of the auxiliary tank, we loaded oil and fire hose as well as putting in some shelves.  The water in the tank was treated with chemical.  Jon and Zach painted on the reporting marks and other data.   Sunday, we shoved the tank out to the switch for inspection and pick up by the NS.  After doing so we spent most of the afternoon into the evening putting a new angle cock on it.  Some lapping was done on the 765 whistle valves but machining is needed to make them work well.


Next week is load the tool car and chase down all the little details we need to put the engine on the road.


Every year many workers in the US are killed or severely injured when they attempt to bale out of a tipping forklift.

Menards worker killed in forklift accident at Minnesota store

BURNSVILLE, Minn. (KARE) — A Menards worker was killed Friday in what the Hennepin County Medical Examiner is calling a “forklift mishap” while working at the Burnsville store.

Authorities say the incident happened around 8:56 a.m. Friday at the Menards at 2700 E. Hwy. 13. According to officials, the 27 year old employee died of blunt force chest injuries. Witnesses say the worker was trying to move two-by-fours when the forklift started to flip over. They say he tried to jump off the forklift and that’s when it landed on top of him.

Perhaps the toughest skill to teach a operator of a forklift is to – STAY IN THE COCKPIT. All the facts and figures will tell you intellectually that this is the safe thing to do since the structure of the forklift creates a safety cage around the operator, however when the forklift starts to wobble, the gut reaction is to bale.

Two thing can help us fight this dangerous ‘bale’ reaction:
1) Keep telling yourself – I will stay in the cockpit and practice bracing yourself in the cockpit preparing for a roll over of the forklift.
2) Wear the seat belt. This alone most probably will prevent or delay your departure from the cockpit enough to save your life.